2 weeks old ❤️

My beautiful baby is now 2 weeks old. She is on a whole an absolute angel. Broken sleep is hard going but ‘touchwood’ each night I usually get at least a 4 hour sleep period. 

Monday night she didn’t settle until 5:30am I was an absolute zombie and everytime I heard from Dominic ‘babe she wants feeding again’ .. I could have hit him. Apparently around the 10 day old mark this happens .. growth spurt .. I was shocked!! Where had my good baby gone ?! Luckily she went back to her usual self the following evening and I even got 5 hours of continuous sleep. She will feed then go back to sleep with little fuss. It’s a dream! 

Last Friday I got my eldest back home. She’s been a gorgeous help to have around and she’s taken to being a big sister so well. They both just bring me so much joy ! Sunday was chill day and finding my two babies like this melted my heart.

14 days and my baby is still exclusively breastfed, feel so proud of myself especially since it’s been so difficult with sore nipples and fire boobs. I’ve began using the nipple shields, not on every feed but majority, this was on recommendation from a health visitor. They do help and a visit to the breastfeeding clinic also helped. Many nights have I felt like I wanted to grab a bottle but as soon as she’s latched on and feeding I absolutely love it! I’m not ready to give up yet! 

I have really suffered with fire boobs , I put it down to being engorged but after reading the internet I realised I needed a doctors appountment. I have mastitis, the anti-biotics have done wonders already and even knowing the pain was coming to an end soothed me. They constantly ached, I would feel shooting pains and now looking back I experienced chills and headaches, doctor confirmed I also had a temperature. I would walk around nearly crying with the pain and I’m adamant my boobs hurt more than my tummy that’s recovering from a c-section. Any of the symptoms ladies and make sure you get yourself to a doctors! Cabbage leaves did give me some relief 😉

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