Accountability #Day1

I think it’s important.

I’m running this half marathon in September, I have to get moving. I need to set up my just giving page. I have emailed woman’s aid about my fundraising but yet to receive a response. I feel slightly over weight I have to eat the right things. I am super busy at work, which is fab but my brain is super tired I’m not studying. My book isn’t being written and I’m feeling anxious. I seem pretty clued up on the GDPR though! Bonus!

Court was meant to be this morning. I didn’t go. Waste of time as I’ve explained previously. It’s important though I don’t let this just go. My case has been handled terribly since the start. I feel strongly about this for many reasons. I have a voice, I need to be heard! Too many vulnerable women not getting the support they need. It’s a mess. I want to make a difference.

Day 1 over of being accountable of what I eat, and going to the gym. I posted my pic on my Instagram which I will do daily. I will! Even if I eat bad, it will hopefully stop me from going silly crazy on those ‘bad days.’

Felt tired, now not sure I can sleep. I feel lonely too. My ex is around locally but luckily I have no desire, despite all his sweet talking. This is where the Non Molestation Order did serve its purpose. No contact for over 2 months did me wonders, just like a drug addict going clean. Now I can take him or leave him, he doesn’t have control. Not like before anyway. It’s just crucial I don’t allow the subtle manipulation start all over again. They know what they are doing!


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