Why does direct selling (MLM) have a bad name?

On one hand I get it. People joining these companies, with little training or knowledge and not really understanding the concept or understanding what needs to be done to do something like this well, do end up quite frankly pissing off a lot of people. They spam, they badger and they seem so needy and desperate to make sales that they lose sight of what really is important. What really is going to build up their own business.

A few years back I joined juice plus, I enjoyed the product. I lost weight on the product but I soon became knock backed and had the fear of ever posting anything so just didn’t … however 4 years down the line and that company is still going and still individuals are making a lot of money from it. Herbalife had the same backlash as Juice Plus with many critics going mad about all these pretend ‘nutrionists’ that had no clue about nutrition. I also signed up to Forever Living but actually didn’t even post ANYTHING about it like ever and the stuff stayed in a box for months without me doing anything with it. Another failure. But… boy if I knew then what I knew now.

At the time it was the fear ‘what would people say’, around that time it seemed many people had an opinion. Pyramid selling, scam, they were called and just annoying posts about why we should buy their product. Rarely did I see anything positive and quite frankly I couldn’t be bothered. What I failed to see was… how much money there really was to be made if I had just not cared and worked at it properly.

Since networking and meeting many many inspirational people who in fact have been very successful in network marketing I decided that I wanted to get involved. The entrepreneur in me was itching to give something like this a go … again… but this time properly. I have a big social media presence and what I have learnt about networking and in deed sales means I have a pretty good shot. People buy from people. It doesn’t matter what the product is, but if you are liked, people are watching and people will buy. I want to be my own brand, and by investing a small amount into something like this. I can make that happen.

I have met successful people from Utility Warehouse (in fact he wrote a book) and one lady in particular who literally earns a 6 figure salary from her Forever Living business. I wanted part of this, I wanted something I could use everything I have learnt and carry on with my self development journey by getting involved. Because there is one thing no ONE can knock. If done properly you learn SO much about yourself.

I have my blog, I have the book I am writing and I have Facebook groups where I am offering support and guidance. So from that ’empowering beauty’ was launched. Younique was my company of choice… why? Not only because I absolutely love make up (and luckily as it so happens I’m in love with Younique make up) but I felt the other options (at least from the bigger names in the industry) were not for me. Younique also have a company ethos that really resonates and I am all for empowering, uplifting and validating women.

I am taking my time, I am enjoying the products and the sales that have so far been quite easily coming to me and I am certainly not going to be spamming anybody.

I wanted to just talk about the negative stuff online about MLM’s, I believe it’s lack of education and bad experience. Maybe they’ve failed at it in the past and just believes ‘it doesn’t work’ or they’ve had a friend who has been pushy with sales. I asked the question in an open forum on what they think of a MLM and some of the comments made me laugh. ‘I won’t ever buy a product when I know it’s MLM.’ Sooo they would rather not support a friends business but pay the likes of a big brand who potentially pay their staff minimum wage and buy over priced items due to the huge expenses bill those companies have. The business structure of a MLM is genius if you really think about it. These companies employ less staff, do not pay for advertising and have consultants / presenters / ambassadors advertise for them. What really is to dislike , like really ?

One blog that is quite easily found on the internet was pretty awful if I’m honest and I couldn’t read it all without want to write a huge long comment back. Talking of manipulation and preying on vulnerable stay at home mums. This is not true. Yes stay at home mums are ideal because they have the opportunity to run a very successful business, from the comfort of their own homes without the pressure of getting a job.

However it isn’t easy, if it was easy everyone would do it … and it does take time. You cannot expect to make a great deal in your first couple of months.

Take it slowly, make sure your upline knows what they are doing and are prepared to invest time in you and soak up everything there is to know about network marketing online.

We are now more equipped than ever to build up an incredible business using just social media and a smartphone. It’s amazing and I am very excited.

Watch this space xx

Please join my group Empowering Beauty or contact me to find out more info 😝


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