9 days to GOOO!!

It’s after midnight so i could technically say 8 even, although I’m pretty sure she won’t be coming early. With scan bringing me forward anyway by 4 days and well just my luck really to end up going over and have to be induced. 23rd September is my date for that joyous event, so any… Continue Reading →

8 days to go!!

After my post last night I felt quite strong, I had laid it all out and felt positive I could get through it no matter the outcome. Then I wake up…. I try call him around 10am and no answer so instantly I feel shit again. I want to send him a message just going… Continue Reading →

Day 3 .. 69 days till Ibiza

I woke up feeling shattered, going to bed now feeling shattered and it’s only 8:30pm. I did a 1k run just after the school run thinking it is at least something and means less time wasted in a gym. My legs are still aching from yesterday and it didn’t go well.  Been really hungry today… Continue Reading →

Happy Mothers Day

I could get quite used to being able to blog in the morning. Usually it has always been the evening (or the middle of the night when I have been unable to sleep). I got a little over 5 hours sleep. No alarm needed and like clock work I wake at 6am. It’s a Sunday… Continue Reading →

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