Make a difference

It was always going to be difficult and I think I got a little complacent believing that I was pretty much there, these last couple of days I feel like I have gone backwards a little bit. I am struggling to talk about it without being tearful and he is filling too much of my… Continue Reading →

Moving forward

I actually feel genuinely quite scared at the thought of entering into another proper relationship. I go from thinking ‘I can take this attention and I’ll just go back to the old me’ to ‘no fucking way stay the hell away!!’ I guess this is why I’m enjoying talking to M so much. He’s completely… Continue Reading →

Aftermath of trauma..

I am struggling. It’s all a process and ok I don’t feel as angry (apart from with the stupid interfering skank who thinks she knows the man I’ve known 4 years) but I am suffering with my own thoughts. I spoke with M again last night. It’s nice to talk to him but even that… Continue Reading →

So strange ..

The meme is right , it will take a long time to actually get to grips with the fact that this is what we’ll be. Strangers! Well almost! Until April 2018 the non-molestation order is in place and I can’t even speak to him. Will that even happen? I doubt it, I bumped into him… Continue Reading →

What is happening?!?

Tonight I actually feel like I cannot be arsed to be in this stupid relationship. My life on hold, for what! He never cared this much about me before, why has it taken this to make him realise? He only loves me as much as he does because of what I am doing for him…. Continue Reading →

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