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Another one bites the dust…

... and this one hurts. Really hurts. It has been a week since I have spoken to him and it wasn't a nice phone call. He had finally answered the phone to me after over 24 hours of silence after an exchange of voicenotes that prompted me to go a little OTT. He was so... Continue Reading →

100 days left of 2020…

.... and what a load of shite it has been. I should have got back from Ibiza this morning, I wouldn't be feeling this overweight or this miserable about what the near future holds. Instead we are heading into the autumn season which is usually one of my favourite being unable to party like I... Continue Reading →

Exposing a fuck boy ..

My experiences in an abusive relationship taught me a lot, it taught me to trust my gut, protect my heart and sadly rightly or wrongly have that guard up when meeting a new man. When I first met this one back in July 2018, he was a bit of an overlap with my ex. I... Continue Reading →

Just a normal Sunday

Weekends are easier for me, I don’t usually do much weekends anyway. The only thing different for me really is football... although I did have a night out planned for next Saturday. That’s upsetting. I am so thankful I actually have work to do and can work from home and not everyday is like this.... Continue Reading →

That Friday feeling….. oh

It's Friday morning, Day 4 of 'soft lockdown' and I am in a different mood right now to how I felt yesterday. These emotions are so up and down, it's exactly like a break-up or a toxic relationship. Very unsettling. Maybe this sadness is added by the realisation the thing with the 'friend' has ended,... Continue Reading →

Soft Lockdown

Yesterday was Monday and the first day of 'home schooling', it went ok. I got quite a bit of work done but it was stressful at times. Somehow my garden looks like a tip (due to the kids emptying the shed) and I had to lay down some rules. I had my niece as planned... Continue Reading →

Happy Mothers Day

I could get quite used to being able to blog in the morning. Usually it has always been the evening (or the middle of the night when I have been unable to sleep). I got a little over 5 hours sleep. No alarm needed and like clock work I wake at 6am. It's a Sunday... Continue Reading →

Day 1 of Social Distancing

How am I going to get through these times I ask myself. I go from feeling like 'everything is going to be ok, it's an adventure, it's an experience.. it's just different and we can adapt' ... to thinking .. how will I cope? I have no normality. I had been feeling very low coming... Continue Reading →

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