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‘Men suffer too’

I haven't blogged in a while. I have indeed been very busy with many different things but I feel very strongly about writing something today. As everyone is aware I have a real passion for raising awareness around domestic abuse. Up until more recently I have had nothing but admiration, messages of support encouragement and... Continue Reading →


Why does direct selling (MLM) have a bad name?

On one hand I get it. People joining these companies, with little training or knowledge and not really understanding the concept or understanding what needs to be done to do something like this well, do end up quite frankly pissing off a lot of people. They spam, they badger and they seem so needy and... Continue Reading →

Narcissists at work

Well didn't take him long, and I'm glad. I'm really glad. He completely showed his true colours tonight AGAIN. He promised he would watch our daughter this evening whilst I went to a networking meeting. Well talk about going from 0 - 100 and showing how repulsive and vile he really is. From 5pm was... Continue Reading →

I lost my way a little ..

But it's important I remain focused and strong! Weekend I felt lonely, a bit of cabin fever but then I wouldn't of gone out anyway considering it was so bloody cold. I did go for food with a friend and do a bit of shopping though! I ate far more than I should all weekend... Continue Reading →

Who inspires me?

I couldn't possibly write down everyone who inspires me but believe me so many do. Today I went to an amazing event held by a lady who when I saw speak for the first time made me look at her like some kind of business celebrity. She had me hooked, everything she said I was... Continue Reading →

Why don’t you just leave?

A question always asked to those putting up with too much crap in a relationship. 'I would never put up with that' is another assumption or even a criticism said to many who are suffering. Truth is until you are in that situation you just do not ever know. Ever! I said it myself. 'I... Continue Reading →

Accountability #Day1

I think it's important. I'm running this half marathon in September, I have to get moving. I need to set up my just giving page. I have emailed woman's aid about my fundraising but yet to receive a response. I feel slightly over weight I have to eat the right things. I am super busy... Continue Reading →

Snapping out of it ..

.. and now! Every evening all I'm doing is coming to bed and scrolling Facebook in hope of .. well I don't even know what I hope! I am getting myself out of that hole. Tonight I am in pain with my period and I really could sleep BUT I've found a window and I'm... Continue Reading →

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