Back in the game … kinda :-/

It’s hard to blog when your identity is no longer hidden. Whilst typing this opening sentence I decided to take the web address to this blog down from across my social media. I want to be real as possible again .. my current settings meant that the men I have been seeing (if you could… Continue Reading →

When Love Island triggers …

.. I love reality TV. My escapism, my date night. Being single can get kinda lonely and investing your time in complete strangers actually strangely has a positive effect to my life. When I saw Anna and Jordan grow close and saw them falling for one another I felt happy, felt like there was hope…. Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

2019 is not far away. Recently I’ve been ok, but only ok. The ex is still in prison and I have visited him. I feel it’s the best thing to do for our daughter and a small part of me still feels like it is my place to make sure he doesn’t feel alone and… Continue Reading →

Awesome Blogger Award

So it has come, after nearly 3 and a half years of blogging. I have been nominated for an awesome blogger award. I always have loved writing, and I find it so therapeutic. I hid behind this blog for so long, and it became my safe haven where I could rant, scream, be honest and… Continue Reading →

There’s a flaw in your plan

And that’s ‘no evidence’. Unfortunately my solicitor had to reschedule this morning. However I got together all the paperwork I have to write my final position statement for court. Of course the poison awful lies are still inside my head, I even feel them so heavy on my heart. How can someone who was once… Continue Reading →

Disappearing acts

So someone wrote a post in a Facebook group about how her partner made an argument over nothing and stormed out. Didn’t come home all weekend , blocked her on WhatsApp and came back blaming said woman/Mother for the reason he went. Not only is that something I dealt with weekly sometimes twice/three times a… Continue Reading →

Not a great day

The negative stuff from yesterday unfortunately spilled over in to today. I feel shit. I feel fucking sad. I wouldn’t wish what I’ve been through on my worst enemy! I had my friends baby shower today, reminded me of mine. I was so anxious with everything going on, everything I was truly hiding and I… Continue Reading →

What ifs ..

Once again I fell asleep in the evening and have woke up feeling meh. I’ve been awake an hour and I’ve just been feeling really negative. So I need to switch that up! The negatives is of course him, and also the thinking of ‘what ifs’. I would never ever wish my daughter away, I… Continue Reading →

My 2018 New Years Resolutions

So here we are 1st January 2018, a fun night was had and today as been a major ‘not giving a damn day.’ (I haven’t even brushed my hair) Anyways I aim to set some resolutions and to make me accountable I am listing them in this blog. Cut out caffeine/Drink more water – I… Continue Reading →

A letter to my ex ..

I know deep down you wanted everything you promised to be, but there is something so innately toxic and negative about everything you do, that your promises and love was never ever sustainable. You’ll do everything you could to blame me, but I wasn’t to blame I never was.

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