There’s a flaw in your plan

And that’s ‘no evidence’.

Unfortunately my solicitor had to reschedule this morning. However I got together all the paperwork I have to write my final position statement for court.

Of course the poison awful lies are still inside my head, I even feel them so heavy on my heart. How can someone who was once ‘in love’ with me say such things, or if my theory is correct and it was his mother, how can someone who also acted so supportive of me make up such nasty vile crap in the desperate attempt to discredit me and attack me.

All I’ve done is raise your own flesh and blood for the past 16 months. I work full time to provide for my children. I make sure they have nice clothes, fun toys, food in there belly’s and are clean and well cared for. In return you make up the stuff you have. Hell will get them, karma will get them first and beings he has a new found love of the bible they best apologise to God for they have sinned!

I am still amazed at how they think this would ‘work’, well unsure of what their intentions are really. The only intention I see is they want to continue to abuse me. It’s sick!

My most recent social services paperwork literally counteracts everything he has said. The whole report states he is a risk, it states that if I don’t do as they say and basically allow contact then they will seek legal action to take my children. It is clear that if it wasn’t for him social services would not be involved, it also mentions the times he’s been arrested. Yet apparently he learnt the error or his ways from jail.

They are not bright, he even stated he was in jail for 18 months, when it was 16! Then made up some bullshit about how I only visited once in the last 8 months (they can check these things) and he got chlamydia when he got out (again can be checked).

My friend made a valid point today too, ‘so if he ended the relationship in March 2016 (later saying April 2016) then what was he doing at all the events with me! Family birthdays, BBQs, my friends baby girls christening. On my due date (September 11th 2016) at my friends BBQ, drinking rum yet he rarely drinks apparently. He didn’t come home that night, told me he was going to but clearly had no intention at all because he was cheating on me. The next morning he came back telling me he drank too much and passed out at a mates. He then lovebombed me, told me how beautiful I was and I had no choice but to believe him. We went to my midwife appointment, and then continued to abuse me more later that day when I was admitted into hospital. Believe it or not.

He claims he’s never been intoxicated in front of the children, I have a video where he was! I have voice recordings where he openly says things that definitely incriminates him.

Basically by pushing this and lying so bad for absolutely no benefit to yourselves, I will only keep talking. The difference is I talk the truth, yours are all lies.

I dyed my hair today. The red was meant to be my ‘I’ve gone’ statement back in March last year.

I even remember when my friend dyed it and the police came round to get my ‘I’m dropping my statement’ statement. I felt so strong then, I really felt like phoning the police for the first time would get him away . I felt like the threat was enough, but nope. I was sucked back in some more.

So now I’m back to dark, I had red hair when he first met me. Red hair the best part of last year and he always commented that he liked it.

It’s now my ‘be who I was before all the fucking shit dulled my sparkle’ statement!


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  1. I am sorry you are going through this. I hope you are safe and away from this man and that he gets what he deserves. I love your last line here – so empowering. I also went through an abusive relationship and am not going through a criminal trial right now, but am in the midst of a title IX investigation (see my last blog post). If you ever want to talk, I’m here. Wish you all the best and let that sparkle shine on ❤ speak766

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