I guess somethings will never make sense ..

It’s been over 3 weeks since the man who was a huge part of my life (granted for a short space of time) told me ‘he was going to go quiet.’ I actually had a really rough week immediately after and was struggling seeing his liked memes in my Instagram feed. They went from making... Continue Reading →

Roll on the summer ..

Two weeks ago things were good. I remember it quite vividly, it was a Friday morning and he had sent me a reel on Instagram and we spoke about how we’d act in the situation that the couple in the reel was. He had me laughing at my phone, making me smile .. making me... Continue Reading →

Moving again ..

I really should have written more. My last post was back in January and more recently I remember how good writing used to make me feel. Well, perhaps good is the wrong word, but it certainly made me feel better about all the hardship I was enduring. It also acts as a good reminder of... Continue Reading →

Another one of his moods…

.. this time. I am letting him, letting him sulk and behaving like a child. I am literally telling myself, why the hell are you putting up with this?? So 3 weeks later and once again I am banging my head against a brick wall. This time, last week I was with him. Being affectionate,... Continue Reading →

I got a reply ..

I woke up this morning after a vivid dream of him ignoring me. I anxiously checked my emails despite being convinced I wouldn’t check until I got to my desk at work. He had replied! There were a couple of email exchanges and then I moved it to WhatsApp. He told me in his email... Continue Reading →

Being authentically me ..

That’s what I have done today. It was a bad day today, I haven’t cried but I have so desperately wanted to reach out to him and just say .. I miss you. I absolutely know I don’t want him romantically but it’s just not me to be so angry. I found the letter I... Continue Reading →

100 days left of 2020…

.... and what a load of shite it has been. I should have got back from Ibiza this morning, I wouldn't be feeling this overweight or this miserable about what the near future holds. Instead we are heading into the autumn season which is usually one of my favourite being unable to party like I... Continue Reading →

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