I’m so angry !! 

Seriously! So angry! He can tell me what he likes but let’s face it I have absolutely no idea what he tells others. The number of times he assures me he’s cutting people out his life and how shit is going to change, how the events that have previously occurred due to his illegal activity will never happen again. I must be a fool to believe that, a fool. He tells me yesterday that he spoke to his cousin (the one who hasn’t so much wrote him a letter) and his excuse was ‘it hurts too much and he rather wait and give him money to help him on his feet when he’s released.’ MASSIVE LOL, what fucking bullshit. What money? Man don’t have no money for his own kids, and help him on his feet? They are all on drugs I swear. He’s coming home to me, to live with me, what does his cousin ACTUALLY think he will need?!? Why can’t my boyfriend just man up to him and tell him exactly what he tells me? It’s weird! This happened before, I was always competing with his jealous cousin like we are in some playground fighting over a best friend! Guess this is what I get for mixing with 21 year olds! 

Anyway I’m on Instagram doing my usual ‘anything but studying’ routine and his cousin has uploaded a picture of himself and my boy announcing to the world … ‘Cuzzy said look after the trap #hebeback’ with some pointless money emoticons. This translates to English as ‘let’s make more illegal money when he’s out.’ To be honest I don’t even care if he told him this and was lying to him because he’s certainly lying to one of us. Showing off to him like he still wants that life, like I know he doesn’t well THOUGHT I knew! Why can’t they just grow up?! I feel so hurt I just wish I NEVER met him!! 

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      1. I completely agree, it took me over two years to finally figure out that I deserved better.


      2. Sorry to hear that 😦 We are so in love, But is it enough?! I am just so scared of life after all this. He needs to prove its all behind him but from my experience with him he is easily led. I need to come first! I’ve put up with too much! I am interested in what he has to say for himself, worst thing that I can’t just ring him 😦 x

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