Who inspires me?

I couldn’t possibly write down everyone who inspires me but believe me so many do. Today I went to an amazing event held by a lady who when I saw speak for the first time made me look at her like some kind of business celebrity. She had me hooked, everything she said I was fascinated by. She has since became someone I now call a friend.

Today there were other ladies in the room who each by their own right are amazing and being part of that made me feel amazing too.

Recently procrastination has really got the better of me but it is about time I live for now, I continue my personal journey and do everything I set out to achieve. It is now March, a fresh month. I ate terribly though… but that’s a whole other thing.

I need to be happy, happy people are for more productive and this is what I need.

I don’t give a shit if anyone doesn’t want to hear my story because there will be many who will, and I know that from feedback I’ve had from ladies who I have spoken too and helped. This is what keeps me going.

My book needs to be written, I need to get studying, moulding my personal brand and just not hold back. 💞💞

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  1. Definitely tell your story. One of the biggest takeaways I’ve gotten from my experiences with abuse and mental health is that there are so many wonderful people experiencing similar things, and the validation and healing that happens when someone feels heard or recognises their experience in another’s is so powerful.

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