I lost my way a little ..

But it’s important I remain focused and strong! Weekend I felt lonely, a bit of cabin fever but then I wouldn’t of gone out anyway considering it was so bloody cold. I did go for food with a friend and do a bit of shopping though!

I ate far more than I should all weekend as standard but I’ve connected with a lady who will help all the ladies in my group in regards to emotional eating. We are planning a live stream to talk about it! Can’t wait! Join here Smile Shine Succeed

I’ve connected massively with loads of new women needing help and support and that’s what it is all about. My I Mean It This Time group has grown and more women are finding the strength they need to move on from awful shitty times in their life ! It’s helping me keep focused too, holding me accountable almost, to not be lovebombed by his charm and promises. It’s tough! It fucking is! ‘It’s nice to hear your voice’, ‘I really love you, I don’t know what I was thinking’ .. said so calmly and softly it’s easy to become under that spell again! Especially when you’re lonely … but I am remaining strong!

Diet today was good.. no binge eating ✅, I need to reorder some headphones since I lost mine and got back in the gym!

My bullet journal is back out and it’s great because it doesn’t matter 2 weeks went with nothing in it as I just change the date!

I’ve set weekly goals and this evening I feel good.

This amazing text from my daughter makes it allll worth it ❤️

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