Chapter One

I have written stories, journal articles, notes, diaries since as long as I can remember, as I have already mentioned in a previous post. I have expressed already in this blog. I want to write a book. This blog is missing quite a bit of what happened before he was sentenced and a book needs a chapter one right?

It was April 2013, working as a self employed promo girl I had made myself unavailable for 2 weeks around this date. I had received a Jury Summons, a few months prior to this time and so knowing I would be needed in Court, going to work was not an option. The summons excited me, I’m not going to lie when I saw the envelope and after my first initial glance I had thought ‘what have I done now?’, but no it was nothing to worry about and in fact I felt pretty privileged to be included in such an once in a lifetime opportunity.

The case lasted a week and whilst many of the jurors moaned about the waiting around, the lengthy process and even the price of the food in the canteen. I soaked up every last bit of the experience and found it all so fascinating. Who’d had of thought a real life case would actually feel like you was on a TV set or something for latest Crime Drama on ITV. Quite a lot came flooding back to me, as I listened carefully to the Judge summing up and I felt that passion inside of me. I am no stranger to the law you see, I graduated back in 2007 with a Criminology and Law degree and I had also been a Special Police Constable for 4 years up until 2011. I assumed my law days were behind me, convinced myself it wasn’t what I wanted but no this was what I needed, this was where my heart lied. In the Court room! I did my research, applied to University and was adamant I was going to make my dreams come true. I can’t be a promo girl forever right?!

The day that is still etched in my mind like it was yesterday was Wednesday 30th April. The case I had been a part of the Jury for had ended and I was expected at the Crown Court that afternoon in case I was needed again. I was secretly hoping I found myself on something else, more time off work and I had already made the decision I wanted to get back into law on a serious level. The weather was picking up and in fact I remember this day being particularly warm. It was a typical morning as I got my daughter ready for school (who was 5 at the time), and I got myself dressed ready for the gym.

Well it seemed a typical morning.

I left my flat and walked to my car, I hadn’t parked it in the garage that particular night and so I hurried myself and my daughter to it hoping we wouldn’t be late for school again that week. Before I even unlocked the car I was greeted by an ex colleague and also an officer I knew on a personal level. I happily said morning not thinking anything of it, which was until he said the words ‘remember me? We need a chat’. My heart dropped. I remember feeling stupidly hot all of a sudden. My first thought was maybe something to do with the Jury Service. I had recognised the officer giving a witness statement afterall, I could tell he recognised me too, maybe I was in trouble for that?! The shock on my face made him quickly want to ease me, ‘it’s not you’ or something like he calmly said but instructed I got my daughter into the car before we spoke anymore. She did as she was told, my heart still racing. He was in plain clothes too, he had been waiting for me, this was all so surreal. How is this happening?!

…… 1am must stop there.

Night xx

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