Sex on the Sex…. I mean brain!

It has been ridiculous today. I have been feeling better within myself, almost positive that this time is going so quickly anyway and I really don’t have the time to miss him anyway BUT this brain, sex, constant SEX thing is bad. Its been over 4 months. I think it was ok at the start, I was so numb from the pain of being so distant from him but every now and again it does attack me.

For a woman it’s not even just about the orgasm, that I can do myself. I wanna feel a body, that presence laying on you. Their hands wandering your naked skin as you start to wrap yourself around them, arghhh…. I can picture it so clearly its frustrating. How does one get over this? I had more sex when I was fucking single… I really did. I do not understand relationships that don’t have regular sex, the female may joke that they don’t like it, or they aren’t bothered. Well my friend, I’m no relationship expert but …. ‘something is wrong’ … hellloooo warning signs. DING DING!! For God sake, to hell with all your sexless relationships, I pity you. Jail should be like in america where you get ‘alone’ time with your inmate to maintain close relationships. They would probably find men would be less aggressive if they got themselves laid once a month, it’s enough to make anyone frustrated and want to cause fights. I’m surprised he’s coping as well as he is, obviously he mentions it in every letter but mainly comments on the future and what that holds. He even made a comment about how he gave a porn mag away in his earlier sentence, and how he hadn’t even had a wank in a while. This is coming from a man who it has been known to have sex with me in the morning before I go to work, I go to work and then he would need another wank before he got himself ready for the day. I wonder how we will both be when we finally get our own time, back to how we was I hope. One thing is for sure the lust and desire we have for each other is insane. On the last visit he said to me ‘how come you are all I can think about?’ I sweetly replied ‘that was my plan baby.’ 😉

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