People are so f’ing weird!!

There isn’t even a better suited titled topic for this, I’ve had it go over my head a few times and it still doesn’t make any sense. So after the last post regarding the mother of my incarcerated boyfriend, she had contacted me last Saturday night. A week after ‘the’ conversation, Just for a chat and she was pleasant to me. Even commented about how ‘me and him’ are always welcome, almost like it had registered that I’m here to stay. Progress!
Anyway I spoke to my boyfriend in the week for him to tell me that his name wasn’t down on the visits board therefore left him to assume the visit wasn’t booked. I text his mum because any ‘normal’ person who had booked a visit would find that piece of information slightly concerning and surely would want to contact them to put it right ?!? Well no , she waits until the morning of the visit to reply saying ‘hey, they have my contact details so I’m sure if there was a problem they would contact me, thanks.’
Ooook , far different once again to the xxx and nice messages i’ve had previously. I replied saying how I was just concerned as didn’t want her to go all the way and it not be booked. I had no reply! I later find out from my best friend (who lodges with her ) that she didn’t go because his grandma wasn’t well!! WTF?!? Sorry What the ACTUAL fuck! So I don’t go and people don’t bother anyway! Why didn’t she go without his grandma ?! Also if this visit was booked and they didn’t just turn up, he would lose a visit surely! I feel so fucking mad with her! The selfishness that she could just do that and not even talk to me about it?! Fucking bizarre!! I don’t think the visit was even booked but why lie?!, it’s pretty obvious from what he had said about the visits board and the fact she just thought it was ok to not turn up. Did she not think her poor son would be waiting to see her ?! Shocking!! Shocking behaviour! I have no more to say to her. I will book visits whenever I want now! He isn’t interested in seeing his dad, far different to her view of ‘he can’t wait’ and I believe this was done to spite me! I know he will have my back and I know he wants to see me. She had her chance of me being nice! No more! I hate that I can’t just talk to him about it. It is one of the hardest things to deal with when your partner is in prison. We take for granted out here how when something happens we can contact the one we love and talk it through. This life you kinda adapt to just waiting and sitting on it. It doesn’t get easier , you just learn how to deal with it better.

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