72 day countdown! 

Ok it’s a random number! It’s slightly annoying but as predicted after the past 2 days I want to get back on plan ASAP, and today is the day.

I woke up feeling so tired, sluggish and dehydrated.

Signs of JUNK FOOD!! 

Since my last weigh in on 13th March I have only lost 2lb and apparently shrunk half an inch. Thank the Boots weighing scale for that. It’s the body fat percentage I am more interested in which because of my inaccurate height on the machine it looks as tho I have gained but we will go with the 33% figure on the most recent print out. I also weigh 12 stone 5, as much in that 11 stone bracket as possible would be nice and of course those important inches. I will do those later. Remember I was 18 stone 5 back after I gave birth in August 2008 so this should be a breeze right! 

Right best get my arse into work mode, hiding in the staff room isn’t going to get me through the day. Tonight I will update on how the day went and explain why an ex managed to get to me AGAIN last night!!! 

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