Run fat b!tch run …

imageFitting right ? Well I think so! I was killing some time in Waterstones in the Self Help section and this book screamed out to me. I don’t need to buy it, the title says enough, and this photo has found it self permanently stuck to my phone. It helps. It makes me smile, it reminds me of my focus and my aim and that’s a positive.

Today is Sunday, 40 weeks exactly until I take part in the half marathon and the day I had planned to start my healthier lifestyle and get back in to training. As I mentioned Christmas has a lot to answer for right now, I maintained my weight last year without too much effort and focus. I trained regularly because it fitted my life style but with a busy December, lots of food and Dominic coming home it has slacked and I am now more motivated than ever to be in my best shape ever. 30 and fabulous darlin’ …

As anyone will tell you when you plan a ‘diet’ or ‘lifestyle change’, for some silly reason we tell ourselves we need to eat everything in sight plus more the night before. Which is stupid. Most women will start a new diet every month, and these ‘final binge days’ do absolutely nothing but just make you gain unnecessary weight. I have to be honest, I haven’t done it in a while. Losing the weight I have lost, I learnt a lot and I’m a strong believer that weight control is ALL about mindset. Even now I am not promising I won’t ever have a burger again, or I won’t eat Chocolate until Christmas, that isn’t healthy nor is it feasible. All in moderation. Moderation is key! Recently there has been no moderation, and this has been my problem.

My final binge night didn’t go as planned, I had visions of Chinese food. Spring rolls, prawn crackers, chicken balls .. The works! My binge partner in crime was late home, Chinese had closed and he thinks he did the right thing by bringing me left over Carribean food his nan had cooked! Curried goat is NOT chicken balls!!! He learnt the hard way… 😉


Today I have felt tired, but I refrained from using caffeine and sugar to keep me going. I will sleep well tonight, if restless legs allow and be ready for the first run in the morning..

Litres of water- 1     Caffeine – 0     Gluten – none      5 a day – 5

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