Sat on the Sofa like a potato

It’s been a while since my last post.. I merged a blog to this one.

Ok maybe potato was a bit harsh! BUT it has just been Christmas (2 weeks ago 🙈) and I am back to living with a man after 16 months. (Reason? Well thats for my other blog! 😉) I don’t care what anyone says, being content and having a man around who can literally eat what he likes is torture on your figure! Well it has been on mine. I had a very busy December with work and this week with a sick daughter I haven’t been to the gym since November!! NOVEMBER!!

On Wednesday I took the plunge and signed up for a half marathon in Birmingham on 16th October. I need help! I am not a complete stranger to running as I have completed the 10k race for life 2 years on the trot. However, last July when I Crossed that finish line at Hyde Park within 1 hour 7 minutes, that was the last time I have ran. It’s been 6 months!! 6 months! I honestly don’t think I could run to the shop right now without wanting to stop. I am starting from scratch!

Now for the cringe bit. I have just been looking at old pictures of myself from 2008-2011. I was massive, even my friends will look at the pictures and be gobsmacked not remembering me being THAT big. I look at these pictures and think ….. ‘Why did I even go out?!!’

So this is my blog to follow my journey into being in the BEST Shape of my life.

Tomorrow i will reluctantly do my measurements and weight and then Sunday (Because mentally I can cope with this better- I will explain tomorrow) and then I’m doing this !!

Here’s to no more coach potato 😜

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