Easing myself in .. 

Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday this week I ran for an average of 20 minutes. Well I say ran, it wasn’t a full 20 min run, it was 1 min running, 1 min fast walking. Like my app told me. It did something though I could feel it the next day, just goes to show how out of it I am at the moment. 

Today the app told me to brisk walk 1.6km, i smashed that due to a leafleting job I was on. I can’t believe how many hills I had to climb either. In total I covered a 12km distance and fully deserved my tea of chicken and rice. 

I’m trying to fight the urge to not go to the shop. My craving for Dr Pepper is insane right now. I can’t wait for these cravings to stop. Sunday I am leafleting again so it justifies the fact I cannot get to the gym all weekend. Next week diet must be better!!


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