Enough is Enough… 

imageDespite getting myself to the gym every morning and completing a small run I still was not getting anywhere fast. I know tiny steps are best but when I gained this weight in such a short space of time, I want it gone in equally a short space of time. I found myself still constantly hungry and making bad food choices and just not able to put the God damn food down!!

SO… I planned last week after recommendation from my sister to do a juice detox. Now she’s managed to lose weight using this fancy Ninja device that cost her just short of £100 in the January sale. Fair play to her, she’s in love with it and has either a juice or a soup for breakfast and lunch then an evening meal keeping within 1000 calories for her day. I don’t want to calorie count or restrict myself so much, I want to be back to how I was and stop needing to eat everything in sight!! So … I purchased a juicer , less than £30 which wasn’t bad and purchased an app which promises me amazing results. Jason Vale 5 day juice challenge, and then by Saturday  I can wear that size 8 dress out for my friends birthday that I wore just before Christmas. It’s on!!

Sunday is a strange day to start BUT after Friday I knew it had to be sooner rather than later, my eating is out of control like I’m gaining DAILY over here!

This morning I made all my juices ready for the day. Veggie Power and Ruby Tuesday. Well I thought the first one was bad but Ruby Tuesday was just something else. Jason Vale says it’s one of the nicest, well I’m doing something wrong because there was nothing nice about pineapple, carrots, raw beetroot, raw ginger and basil! I downed it in one, and I’ve got the privilege of having to drink another one of each before the day is over! Determined though! So determined.

…..And so I just realised what maybe could have made it taste so wrong, I was meant to peel the pineapple. 🙈 What a tit!

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