Day 2 sickness 

imageToday has been awful and I can only hope that tomorrow is better. Obviously I wrote mid afternoon yesterday after I had realised what a dumbarse I had been with making my juices but I still felt ok. Evening struck and I realised I could no way stomach the purple thing (Ruby Tuesday) knowing the pineapple skin was in it. Instead I had some fruit. Then the 7pm juice I managed half. Dominic the forever supporting boyfriend drank what I couldn’t, even knowing about the pineapple skin, bless him. My sickness began after the half of juice and at around 11pm I was sick. Gross! Although hardly anything came up of course. I knew I needed something a little substantial before bed for any chance of juicing today, so I finished the evening on a strip of mackerel. Strange I know but curbed the sickness.

I woke today and thought about a glass full of greens, it made me shudder !! I not only still felt sick but also very weak. The school run was a chore and as I was due in for work at 12pm I knew I had to try and get rid of this sickness. More mackerel then! It helped for a while but the thought of work filled me with fear. Luckily I managed to swap my shift today so I could get through day 2 pretty much glued to my bed. Now I say day 2 but it hasn’t been really, I’ve gone off the ‘juice cleanse’ plan but I have still eaten clean and minimal. I can barely stomach much anyway. Chicken breast and veg for tea, figured if I’m not juicing it I still best eat it.

I hope the sickness is gone by tomorrow, but I also hope my appetite stays away.

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