And so it begins…

I’ve been meaning to start this blog for weeks, but figured now is a good as time as any. England are playing in the Euros and usually I would be glued to the screen, in a pub somewhere drinking beer and shouting obscenities along with everybody else. Instead I am sat on my sofa contemplating a cup of tea, which seems to much effort so a Becks blue it is.

England should no way be losing this match. Down 2-1 at half time and yes granted we still have the 2nd half but I’m not optimistic. Maybe something English will surprise me for the good this week. My good God it needs too.

I’m 29 weeks pregnant , 29 weeks plus 1 day to be precise hence the alcohol free beer I am currently in company with. This is my 2nd pregnancy as I already have a daughter who is 7 years old. So far I am in a much better condition health wise than I was 8 years ago. I began that pregnancy at a heavier weight of over 2 stone and by this stage last time I was already tipping the scales at around 18 stone! Possibly more. I gained nearly 6 stone in total with my eldest and at the start of this pregnancy it was a big fear of mine regarding how much weight I would gain. I’m currently on over 3 stone. It isn’t great but I am not letting it get to me as much as I did initially. I know I can lose it and I know I can get back to where I was before. Hey if I lost 8 stone before I can do it again. My biggest regret was not documenting it more, and so this time I’ll make sure I do.

I’m feeling less patriotic for this game, it’s not only the lack of alcohol or lack of company but it’s been quite the week for politics. It’s all anyone has spoke about and I certainly don’t feel like I have let out all my thoughts on feelings on the matter. So on Thursday 23rd June 2016 a referendum was held regarding Great Britain’s membership of the European Union. I won’t pretend I have always been in to politics or even that I completely understand everything but since beginning my Graduate diploma in Law at University I definitely have more knowledge than I did 3 years ago. I was a strong remain voter, which had me being told I was ‘anti British’ but I still stood by my beliefs. I failed to have many intelligent conversations with anyone voting Brexit. I found my self frustrated with folk who clearly had no idea what this decision actually meant, conversations regarding muslims, illegal immigrants and how our Parliament no longer make any laws often came up in conversation. Is it any wonder those who voted remain are angry at the result when it’s people like this that helped make a decision that will effect the rest of our lives.

I tried to steer away from the conversations regarding immigration because they were always going to feel like I was fighting a losing battle. The media have had people believe how migrants take all the jobs, take benefits, take school places and they are the reason some folk fail to get a Doctors appointment. You only have to have an ounce of intelligence to realise that instead of blaming the EU migrants who are working hard and putting into our economy we should be blaming the British born lazy low lives who have little intention in getting a job and also those who use the NHS unnecessarily. Of course some EU migrants may commit crimes and put a strain on our society but it really just isn’t enough to say that we need to close our borders. People also fail to understand how by closing our borders it actually works both ways and will effect those Brits who are working and living abroad.

I believe in democracy I really do but do I think this was a democratic decision? No I don’t. With just little over 1.3 million votes in it, it simply is too big of a decision to just accept that this is now what is happening. It isn’t just a general election, it is something that can never ever be undone and we are accepting that 51.9% of the 72.2% that voted were right?! Other countries actually have certain criteria’s for  decisions such as this, and David Cameron was wrong in not putting these in place. It’s questionable whether such a massive decision should have put forward to the British public anyway. It was the Government who decided we should join and I am still on the fence on to whether I agree that the British public should have been left to make such a constitutional decision. ESPECIALLY since all the politicians involved (mostly on the leave campaign) have been full of lies, ill informed facts and scare mongering.

Its even more frustrating that many who did vote leave are now admitting a ‘mistake’ since it was only a ‘protest vote’ and their vote was based on many lies that have already been unveiled. A petition has been set up for a 2nd referendum funnily enough by a leave voter who realised what he had actually done and regretted it. However this all seems to be somewhat amusing for those gloating ‘outers.’ Stop whinging I keep seeing, get over it, how pathetic and we should just deal with it. I’ve lost count on how many ‘friends’ I’ve removed from facebook either for blatant racism or for this type of gloating behaviour. I’m less tolerant to posts which are discriminative now in light of Brexit. I stand by the quote ‘not everyone who voted leave is racist but every racist did vote to leave’, and do I think that more than 1.3 million people in this country are racist? Then yes I do. I shared some posts which have highlighted what has happened since the ‘outers’ won… legitimising the racist views seems to be how some racists have seen it.  Suddenly its ok to tell people they need to go home in the street or how its fantastic that they now get ‘their country back’. It was before it was all over the news and I was told three times that it isn’t happening and it’s people like me who are making it a bigger deal than it actually is. Well the statistics speak for themselves and it is a problem. A big problem. If the Police and Crime Commissioner is making statements on it then I’m pretty sure it’s not just in my head. I was also told it was only the ‘minority’… I don’t care! No matter how big or small this minority is I am allowed to feel upset about it. Terrorism, child abusers and murderers are in the minority yet no one is challenged regarding their disapproval and upset for these behaviours.

I’m positive now that those who voted to leave will realise soon enough it was a bad choice. I believe once the negotiations do begin that free movement of workers will still be a policy and those who voted purely on immigration will feel cheated. Immigration won’t come down like what was promised and the only positive is that maybe we can have stronger washing machines or some other stupid rule that many so apparently begrudge coming from the EU. I’m even hopeful for a forced General Election and maybe the public will get a 2nd chance… but we shall see. I am glad that the stupidity of posts are decreasing (maybe that’s more to do with my choice of removing people) but I still saw today how ‘it was good we got out when we did as their is a proposal that Brussel wants to re-write all the laws including criminal. Words fail me they really do.

Well England are out of the Euros and the United Kingdom is out of the European Union (kinda) .. I’m tired but at least I’m £35 richer 🙂




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