I wish I was a unicorn…

… So I could stab idiots with my head.

Never been so fitting. Yep you’ve guessed it more referendum drama. I have to laugh at it now, I laugh because I find it crazy that these people were able to vote and determine my future. I either laugh or I would cry! Tonight I actually had a guy on twitter believe that illegal immigrants claim benefits and get given houses and this is by law and so our Government must ‘oblige’. I fear for these people, I do hope one day they realise one day what they are actually saying or I fear for their children. Seriously!

So 29 weeks plus 2 days pregnant. Saw midwife again today, she wants to keep me on weekly visits as she feels I am at risk for getting pre-eclampsia. I had it with my daughter but I was actually thinking today how easy I’ve had it this time round compared to last time. I had already finished work by now, my feet were constantly swollen as were my hands. I had terrible back pain, drank gaviscon from the bottle and suffered with sciatica too. This time, I’m still working, feet and hands look normal, no back pain and sometimes the sciatica plays up but it isn’t unbearable. The acid reflux is bad at times but nothing a rennie doesnt help with. Saying all this I still can’t wait for her to be here! My mum said today how I’ve evened out a bit now, how I gained weight quite early on but now I’m more just bump and I think she is right. The hunger in the 1st trimester was insane, even in the 2nd too… its definitely calmed down now. I think I eat more now through boredom and just because, yet some days I do look back and think I haven’t actually ate that much. As I said yesterday I have 10 weeks left, no point in restricting my diet as well as many other things I can’t do being pregnant.

A few weeks back I spent a night in a hospital, I was pretty low then. The doctor I saw suggested speaking to my GP about anti-depressants, my midwife said the same last week too. It wasn’t something that I really wanted to do so I was thankful when my GP was not fond of this idea and instead referred me for counselling.

Feel super tired, luckily I’ve been sleeping better, well for longer than 3 hours at a time anyway. Finally remembered my iron tablet, PROGRESS!!


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