What a day..

I feel so drained from everything today. I just feel like it’s one thing after another. At least it keeps my mind off of the raw feelings attached to him anyway.

I had a really positive networking meeting, learnt a lot with some influencial people and it really got me thinking about how I can move forward with my passion. Exciting!

Then my brain is frazzled with anger and legal issues, everything from employment law and land law has been of importance today. Then I just decided you know what. People actually just piss me off, so fuck them. I’m still breathing and I will continue to breathe regardless of what anyone says about me or in fact what anyone does with my daughters pram. Seriously it’s been that crazy today.

Anyway I ate better today, and I went to the gym. I’m now so so drained and tired, I still feel like I could sleep for a week.

Not much structure or point to my post other than that.

However what I will say is … what today has shown me is that I AM A FIGHTER, I am powerful and something so superbly positive will happen in my life. One of my fave networkers said to me “you have a very powerful career ahead of you.” ☺️

Night xx

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