A better day!

I am more motivated than ever. I love the networking meeting that I attend. My first one of the year and it amazing how high spirited I am after my breakfast meeting. I learnt a bit of crucial advice though, make sure I don’t give too much away in my blog. Which is true. My book is obviously consolidating it all into one and I can’t just simple put everything on here that I will put in my book.

For that reason I’m keeping this now for my daily thoughts and feelings rather than any education on abuse as it were. Plus I don’t have time to do both. I don’t have time to write a book really … but I will 😂.

Work is so busy at the moment which is great. I love being busy, but I still need to make sure my uni stuff gets done in the evenings. Go go go! My life is exciting, I have such a future and I cannot wait.

This evening I ate like a fat shit, because I felt like one. Hmmmm, that’s still a work in progress. Although I am enjoying the gym! Monday I am going to work harder at the diet side. No actually Sunday, I’m weird, I hate starting on a Monday. Saturday night I have a slumber party with all my sisters and actually can’t wait. Lots of food though, hmmmmm.

Thumbs up to happy Kerry xx

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