I feel better today

I could barely sleep, my eyes and mind were so exhausted but I couldn’t sleep. I waited for M to ring me, he was even mentioned in the statement, and his prison sentence. Gosh he’s so obsessed by him ‘I was your man in jail’ he would say so sadly and even commented on how he was doing a real sentence so maybe I wouldn’t want him anymore. Weirdo! M is not relevant at all nor is his prison sentence. Again trying to discredit me… but not very well. He helped me, he laughed a lot and told me to stop wasting my tears on a scumbag bastard.

The more I think about it, the more I realise. He didn’t write it, there is no way he wrote it. He would NEVER suggest we were involved in sex games, because we just was not. He would never of been allowing me various different sexual relationships with other men. He told me ‘over his dead body would I move on’ threatened violence and told me most recently ‘I feel sick and can’t bare the thought.’ To him I was his possession, I was a reflection on him. He often abused me about how I need to respect him because if I behaved badly he would look bad. So prostitution? Cool story bro! Cool story.

I have hard evidence that discredits so much of what he says. I will save it though for court and will blog about it after.

It is also very dodgy that that one wasn’t signed. The second one asking for an alternative means of dispute was signed. His mum wrote it, no two ways about it. The sick narcissistic weirdo freak. It baffled me how someone thinks they would get away with it, baffles me how someone can be that nasty and cruel knowing that none of it is true. She is a disgusting human being and when karma catches up with her I sure as hell hope it hurts. All the bullshit support she’s given me over the years, all the love she’s said she has had for me. What a nasty twisted bitter old woman. She will NEVER see her granddaughter ever!!

My friend said ‘and hello the mans fucking girls for accommodation. Only one sex worker there’ ….. 😂😂😂. So true…. so so true.

I wish I didn’t have to wait so long for court. I want all this behind me so I can really move on with my life … properly. I need to regain my fucking focus.

Stop wasting my time and energy on these animals. These new allegations which oh so conveniently are a concern now.

One thing I am sure about. I am SO thankful I got away. I do not want to be associated or involved with ANYONE like that. ANYONE.


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