Going public .. Facebook live number 2!

As I’ve said before I used to hide behind my blog, I was so ashamed and didn’t really understand what was going on. I felt like no one would understand and no one would believe me. It was just a mad mess of manipulation!

Since going more public with the hope to help women going through similar or at the very least bring more awareness around the subject, I’ve had nothing but very very positive feedback.

I shared a blog post on my personal Facebook page and today alone I’ve had 5 private messages telling me how great and strong I am. It helps massively with the healing process and it also encourages me more and more to keep going and to keep fighting.

I also went Facebook live today and it has already 3.1k views!

The full video can be found here Facebook Live . Please do watch and comment or share or even pop me a private message. This is all so very important to me, there is a name for everything I went through and I am determined to help women realise and seek help. The same is for the lady who interviewed me you can follow her journey at Caroline Strawsons blog

I cannot wait to get my book written, I have so much to say. So much! However my essays need to be completed first! Groan! Damn EU Law … again!

Hopefully my bullet journal stuff arrives tomorrow! I’ll write a blog on it then.

For anyone who wants to speak out, about anything really , just go for it!! It’s empowering and it’s building up my confidence more and more ❤️

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