Snapping out of it ..

.. and now!

Every evening all I’m doing is coming to bed and scrolling Facebook in hope of .. well I don’t even know what I hope!

I am getting myself out of that hole. Tonight I am in pain with my period and I really could sleep BUT I’ve found a window and I’m watching a webinar that is going to help my business.

I need to open my uni books again, yes stop eating crap (again) and get excited again! I had built up some confidence and now it’s gone. I can’t do what I want to achieve with no confidence!

He’s still lovebombing me and although I’m not feeling anxious which is good but I write better when I feel anxious and therefore my book isn’t happening right now, and that is a priority! Well high up there!

I have tomorrow off and then it’s the weekend,

This weekend I will get shit done! ✅

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