Narcissists at work

Well didn’t take him long, and I’m glad. I’m really glad.

He completely showed his true colours tonight AGAIN. He promised he would watch our daughter this evening whilst I went to a networking meeting. Well talk about going from 0 – 100 and showing how repulsive and vile he really is.

From 5pm was the agreement and when I called at 4:15pm he acted dumb. He asked ‘am I not having her tonight then?’ My response to that was ‘whattt’ and was trying to fight again his over powering voice. He explains he thought it was 3:30pm, as that’s when I pick our baby up from nursery. It isn’t at all. Of course it isn’t. Asking questions .. that’s implying because ‘I wasn’t clear enough’ he will no longer be able to do it. When that isn’t working I get a full blown lecture about how I’m talking to him like shit. How I don’t respect him and all he did was ask me a question. In this time, I’m called a tramp. I’m told I’m playing the victim and how I’m a liar. This is all projection and all enough to make my head explode. All because I didn’t pussy foot around him when he was trying to squirm his way out of his own parental responsibilities.

I made the decision to not rely on him. He told me he was 10 minutes away but 40 minutes had past and then he was ’10 seconds away.’ Oh he won’t admit he’s in the wrong, he fully blames me and even if he comes back saying sorry he will never fully see what he did wrong.

I was told to fuck off, called a prick and not able to finish any sentence. I don’t need his bollocks. I was doing just fine without him. He then denied that he was even trying to get me back.

He isn’t fucking well. Where the hell is my social worker too?

Back to no contact, he will not control my emotions like he did tonight. He will not 👑

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