Tinder life and a man who hates to be wrong.

Tinder can be crazy at the best of times, like with the opening message I just received of ‘when we meeting then?’ I did reply telling him he must be joking but it seems he was not. He then asked if I just wanted a pen pal. Do women actually meet men that quickly ? Madness.

I do need to get this written down, it is swirling inside my head and I whilst questioning myself slightly I do know the way this particular man has been behaving just has not been acceptable.

Last night was not the first time the conversation got ‘difficult’ with this particular man but I did give him the benefit of the doubt on numerous occasions. I should have trusted my gut. We matched around the 2nd feb, things were moving slow and the conversation flowed. Just over a week ago he asked for my number so we continued talking via WhatsApp. I don’t actually have the energy for every negative conversation we had in that time but I will say this … there were a lot.

Tuesday night he laughed at me for saying evening at 4:55pm, ok I was a little premature but it then became a big conversation about it. Referencing the dictionary! Draining and unnecessary. Last night even a conversation about the weather and me saying this time last year it was so much warmer (we now have snow) led him to correct me by saying ‘I think that’s how it works babe, I don’t think the weather cares about the date’. Mind blown wtf!

Anyone the conversation that did it. Football! We’ve already had a negative conversation stemming from football. I find men struggle sometimes with women who understand football, and yeh banter is banter but when it feels like a constant personal attack. That is not banter, that is just one person trying to belittle the other. Anyway, conversation was fine and he mentioned his hate for Manchester United which I laughed and agreed. Then he said don’t think they care about you lot anymore, I’m a Leeds United fan… so I shared with him a recent video on YouTube to prove Manchester United fans still sing ‘we all hate Leeds scum’. He doesn’t like being wrong.

Then … whilst discussing the number of televised games that ruin normal Saturday football. He said ‘it’ll be worse when you get in the prem’ to which I responded how it might not be, we are already one of the most televised teams in the country due to red button mid week games etc. Again used articles to confirm this, he said ‘but you’re not in premiership, you’re in championship.’ I then voice noted and said ‘read it, it’s all clubs’. He then made out he agreed with the comment it might not get worse. So why say ‘enjoy it while it lasts’ when complaining on the amount of games his team are televised. Bends my head! He then no joke told me I needed to sort out MY attitude and told me I had issues! Lol! Again I tried to detract from a row and said at least not as many midweek games as they are difficult to get to, his response ‘I don’t care.’ From this I finally told him we clearly clash too much and it won’t work. So in nicest way possible it was good getting to know him. Some more sarcastic comments but I’ve left him to it. What I really want to do is tell him, he’s the one with the issues!! Not only is that insulting me it is absolute projection. How does someone go through life being that negative and rude? I knew I disliked Arsenal fans for a reason.

Tinder dating is hard!

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