That Friday feeling….. oh

It’s Friday morning, Day 4 of ‘soft lockdown’ and I am in a different mood right now to how I felt yesterday. These emotions are so up and down, it’s exactly like a break-up or a toxic relationship. Very unsettling. Maybe this sadness is added by the realisation the thing with the ‘friend’ has ended, he did try and call me but he was on do not disturb so he will likely think he is blocked from calling me too. Good, I don’t need to here his manipulation.

Yesterday was a good day until I felt a little sad by the evening, but during the day I felt good. I now have all my office set up at home, keyboard, mouse, 2nd screen… the little things that are making this situation a lot easier. I had my music on, cracking on with my work and I was super positive. I have still been busy this week with work and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. I couldn’t help but keep checking the death toll though, when did I become so obsessed with death?? Figures… stats… coronavirus… arghhh..

Facebook can be very very toxic at times like this, I am sick of hearing about the limited help for self-employed, and now there is a package still people are not happy. The truth is the Government simply cannot help everyone, the posts about how ‘I bet they had wished they had paid their proper taxes’ are funny though, funny because it’s true. I am also sick of the faceboook police condemning people for still going to work or whatever they are doing. It’s not on your conscience so just let them be. I am no scientist but it is very clear that the majority are social distancing and they always said that we cannot stop this… we can only slow it down.

Also death rates… ok 100 or so died yesterday with coronavirus in the UK, and of course Italy and Spain having high numbers around 600 etc, however it still is not clear on whether they died FROM or WITH this virus. Why is it that so many, Prince Charles even can have the disease and suffer mild symptoms yet some die? Boris Johnson our own Prime Minister has just tested positive and also has mild symptoms. Just like the seasonal flu though I guess, some can handle it, some not so lucky. If we were told daily all of the death figures (approx 1500 a day) we would all be absolutely miserable … constantly. I need to chill out on these death stats. My eldest daughter just said ‘so will he die?’ in the response to the BoJo news, she’s 11 and that is her perception of this virus. When the true reality is that the vast majority would not suffer badly with this.

I saw a post this morning and thought it was quite a good read Lockdown “useless, grotesque, collective suicide” . It is stated here that a world-renowned expert in medical microbiology has condemned the extreme and costly measures of a lockdown. He says that so far the overall number of deaths around Europe are no higher than normal during this time of year, and in fact it is lower. If there was no lockdown though could this be higher?

The article also goes on to say about how much of our focus is on this outbreak, and actually if we gave this much attention to the flu each year we would be terrified and the panic would be the same. In America 22,000 died in winter and that includes 144 children, is it because this is new? the unknown? Why has it been such a focus, toilet rolls, pasta and baked beans becoming a luxury. Human behaviour is insane! All driven by the media.

Other alarming points raised is that in Italy it is suggested that only 12% of death certificates in Italy have shown a direct casualty from coronavius and questioning how actually a lockdown has accelerated the death of the vulnerable and not slowed it down.

What ever this is, and however this will all pan out I will await the Netflix documentaries, the conspiracy theories, all the ‘experts’ saying different things. Me? I will continue to do as I am told, staying at home.. trying to use this time positively.




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