What is a Bullet Journal?

When I first was told about this concept I took one look at it and thought WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL. However that was when the link just took me to pages and pages of codes and words that I didn't quite understand! That was until I found Pinterest. Wow! The idea of all those pretty... Continue Reading →

I’ve had my christmas present

It's Christmas Eve, I saw my gorgeous man earlier, the only present I need and I am more in love than I ever thought possible. I wish he was here now, I wish I could feel his warmth and his kisses and hear his laugh in my ear. I so very much long for just... Continue Reading →

Why has he not called?

The title of the post would have been for very different reasons this time last year. This year I'm wondering what the hell has happened since Friday when my inmate would have got his phone credit, not a peep out of him. Not seeing him is one thing, but not having a phone call makes... Continue Reading →

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