I’ve had my christmas present

It’s Christmas Eve, I saw my gorgeous man earlier, the only present I need and I am more in love than I ever thought possible. I wish he was here now, I wish I could feel his warmth and his kisses and hear his laugh in my ear. I so very much long for just one evening with him. Of course I miss the sex but I miss his presence more. We had such a lovely visit, despite the delay due to an ‘issue’ on the wing… yeah right, the rude comment made by a ‘screw’ and the end which kept me locked in for 25 minutes. Putting all that aside it was lovely, and I count myself lucky I have met my soul mate and nothing could ever break us now. Would we be this strong if this hadn’t of happened?! No I don’t think so. In fact I know so. This has shown us both how in love with are. Its so real.

This evening I crashed a little, PVB kicked in. Post Visit Blues can last weeks, believe me, and I am hoping this is not the case this time round. I wished he was at my parents house with me earlier, I wish he was going to be with me tomorrow too. This isn’t a normal christmas in a relationship but then whats to say is normal? I had my sister earlier crying because her boyfriend had gone to the pub and he makes her miserable, one of my best friends texting me saying she had seen pictures on her partners phone of his ex wife and son, then two of my other good friends are in really crappy relationships and not seeing their ‘men’ over christmas at all! Looking at all these scenerios I know what I would rather, yes we may be apart now but it will not be forever. It’s just one christmas too afterall, this time next year his tag will be off and he’ll be here with me now probably getting drunk over a bottle of rum.  OMG I cannot wait. I will spend the rest of my life with this man, we spoke of marriage, babies, the future. I would never have been so sure about that if it wasn’t for this prison sentence.

It is the best thing that could have happened to us.

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