Pen pals

It 2:22am, I am not remotely tired. My brain ticking but for once not be for bad reasons.

‘Studying contract law whilst watching a documentary on death row and wondering if my incarcerated boyfriend would mind I had a new pen pal’ … This was my actual tweet.

It’s true, promissory estoppel was going way over my head. Even now all I remember is that it’s a defence for past consideration, maybe?! Who knows. I moved on to ‘intention to create legal relations’ much more straight forward. I stick on a documentary about death row and then start thinking of the women who I see on instagram #FreeMyKing .. I am also aware of how many relationships START on the inside via a penpal system. Obviously I am not out to start anything romantic but the idea of writing to someone on death row and given them something really had me buzzing. I found a website. I’m going to register. Why had I not thought about this before? The whole prison thing really fascinates me. How amazing to be in contact with someone sitting on death row. Not sure how my inmate would feel however but I write to him. I can write to another. Its cool.

Wish me luck

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