Its been a while…

.. still here though. Still plodding on, still wasting far too much time playing candy crush and still thinking ‘oh my gosh I have got fat.’

Today is day 3 of no junk food, its no way near as hard as diets in the past but these first few days have been tough without the sugar to keep me going. Day 100 is the day of the ibiza pool party and I am determined I will feel fab! Soon, when the weather gets better I will go gluten free too which would have been stupidly hard if I had done all that this week. I am too tired to write too much this evening, I should have gone to sleep at 7pm in all honesty and now its gone 10 I really need to start and try and sleep. Last night it was gone midnight and I was up before 8 unnecessarily. The job I have been on the past 2 days has been very tiring although very short days the walking has been excessive, although this is good for the weight loss.

I have been feeling pretty positive regarding the future, even the near future… it is now April. Time is going quick and I love my gorgeous boyfriend more than ever. I have not seen him in nearly 3 weeks, I miss him, but I have just been too busy. He understands, he loves me too and we are both super excited about our future together.

Now it is April it is time to be serious regarding study time, exams are NEXT month. So although I panic about not having enough work, equally its a good job so I can really get in some proper study time…. and on that note, tomorrow I will start just that 😉

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