So over February !!

So tomorrow is probably my most favourite day in February. Fat Tuesday! Fat Tuesday is the single girls Valentines Day. I can eat and eat and not feel too bad about it. Saying that these past couple of weeks I haven’t stopped eating. The scales however have been my friend it’s just the wobbliness I need to work on. My man is getting big, I can see it through his shirt, feel how toned and sexy he’s getting. Craving the day I can see it and touch it properly. This means work though, being 7 years his senior it’s something that will always keep me on my toes. It’s good pressure though, I like it.
Yeh yeh I know, bit different from my last post, but I’ve seen him twice since then.. Had a night out (which really wasn’t all that) and realised the man is besotted by me. It’s all good.
Day in the library tomorrow, I’ll be taking some goodies with me to keep me going and celebrate my last day of chocolate, crisps, Dr pepper and bread!!

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