End of an era …

Today marks the day of 25+5, well thats by the original scan dates. My own dates I would be 25+1 but the 4 days ahead sounds all the more appealing. On Wednesday I finished my Graduate Diploma in Law with a criminal law exam. I do still have my independent project to complete, in which I got a deferral for, but that’s pretty straight forward. I’m hoping my grades have not dropped too much since he’s been home. I am often praised for the sheer fact I have completed it whilst being pregnant. Being pregnant has been nothing compared to the shit I have had to deal with from the man who got me pregnant! Grrrr!

The cramps are getting bad during the night, I woke up 6-8 times last night having to leap out of bed. Misery guts didn’t find it funny but his moaning soon stopped when I reminded him of the nights he would come home late drunk and wake me… or where I didn’t sleep at all due to wondering where the hell he was!! I mean really… !!

I haven’t weighed myself for a good while. I am definitely looking pregnant and not just fat and the majority of people comment about how since I am 6 months pregnant I am not that huge. Makes a change from last time. Pretty sure at my 20 week scan I looked bigger than I am now with this one. My weight gain has probably reached about 3 stone, horrifying but I know I can get rid of it once she is here. Well I hope!!

Wednesday did feel quite surreal. being on that train to Birmingham travelling to Birmingham City University for the last time. That place and the people I have met has been a huge part of my life for 2 years. They have been along my journey with me. When I first started and the Mr had only been in jail about 2 weeks. When I finally got my social life back and I would stay in Birmingham the night before exams or for revision sessions. Walking back through the city after food with the uni girls I took a few moments just taking it all in. I love the city I really do, it’s my escapism and I could not have got through the last 2 years without it. Even during the exam I was writing away and I enjoyed it that much I knew Criminal Law was where my heart lied. I’ve always said if I could get the money I would do a masters, £6780 is a lot of money and it has been very hard to fund this course at the smaller amount of £5000. A bit of research whilst drinking my J2o in the SU bar and it seems the governments proposal of making loans available for post grad level have come in to force. So … I’m going for it. I will have a newborn and studying for a masters but fuck it. I need it for me, I don’t want to lose my identity .. This way I get to still continue with my career plans and no one suffers. I cannot wait.

Just realised today is 100 days until she is due. 100 days of happiness please! Already ate a bagel this morning… still hungry! Need some granola ….

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