More in love than ever..

Today was the day of our 4D scan and omg it was amazing. It still seems so crazy that there is a little baby growing inside of me, but there definitely is. We saw her today like clear as anything. Baby girl began the session by holding her foot in front of her face, she was hiding her face. It was cute but frustrating when all we wanted was a picture of her little face. The lady was so lovely though and told me to have a hot drink and go for a walk and try get her to move. She moved slightly so we got some good pictures. Chubby faced little thing, so in love, I just can’t wait for her to be here now. You could even see different facial expressions she was pulling, it’s just crazy. I am so glad we decided to go for a private scan, it was well worth it.

Pretty tired today, that’s even with an afternoon sleep of well over an hour. When I’m too tired to rant about politics then you know I actually mean… I’m bloody tired lol. Acid reflux hasn’t been my friend today but I’ve had white bread which I always notice that can make it quite bad. 30 weeks on sunday and I fancy continuing this semi-ok pregnancy for the remainder. I think weight is a big issue so a little bit of damage control wouldn’t go a miss in the countdown to my due date.

Nearly 11pm and I must get some shut eye… actually working tomorrow. I’ll go to bed after these penalties. Come on Poland! 😉

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