Saturday night blues…

imageI know partying, drinking and going out isn’t the be all and end all but when your close to 30 weeks pregnant and only have the hamster and a tub of haagen daaz for company you can’t help feeling a little sorry for yourself.

Yesterday I wrote how I woke in a mood, the bad mood pretty much continued. Well I say bad mood I wasn’t rude to people I just could not be bothered to be at work. I was planning on going on maternity leave ASAP, went home early and had a cry to myself about how the battle with the stairs was causing such a great discomfort. Like seriously this time last year I was going to Ibiza in 5 days!! I was fit, regularly going to the gym and I certainly wouldn’t have got out of breath walking to the toilet. The boyfriend made me feel better last night and gave me a massage. Restless leg syndrome is at its peak! He realised his mistake from the night before but hey he always bloody does, doesn’t mean he learns from them though!! He went to London late last night to see his mum and sister, I must admit I do enjoy the bed to myself. Just turning is like a military operation these days and Dominic does like to get super close to me. Far too hot for that!! So needless to say after a pretty rubbish day, tears and genuinely questioning how I’m going to cope another 10 weeks I had a pretty good nights sleep.

I woke up feeling much better, worked with my sister and we had our usual laughs and jokes and I didn’t find myself in half as much pain as yesterday. I even felt ok finishing work and just thinking.. I can’t wait to get on my sofa. Its a strange feeling though when you are physically tired but mentally you could still just go out and party the night away. I have friends out who have both text saying they wish I was there. Half of me thought about just getting dressed up a little and going to the gig, but then I remind myself of the breathlessness, the music that I’ve had to just get super drunk for in the past, the very crowded pub and I decided I am better off on this sofa.


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