30 weeks pregnant !!


Cant believe I’ve hit the 30 week mark now. Baby girl could come as early as just 7 weeks away … I doubt it tho! If she’s anything like her daddy she will come in October! No joke!

Baby has been super active this evening. It is incredible how she’s just inside me .. Chilling … Giving me a nudge every so often! I love it!

I’ve had a good day really, mood has been ok. It’s my friends birthday tomorrow and I had agreed to join them in Birmingham tomorrow lunch. After Friday I thought what a stupid idea it was as I struggle walking around my local Tesco but I’m going to go! It’s a social event and I think it would do me good.

The picture above is a comparison of how I looked this time last year compared to now. What a difference , it is a little depressing but I don’t feel so bad about it as I thought I would. I’m growing my baby girl and that’s amazing. Plus I know I’ll get back to my original size , that’s my motivation !

I figured my post tonight would be regarding the mother in law. I’ve had quite  a long conversation with my boyfriends sister today and it brought up loads of memories regarding her behaviour last year which has constituted to us not getting on. She has clearly admitted to people she doesn’t like me, and I’m pretty sure her only reason is that she is far too protective over her precious son so much so that she doesn’t want any woman to have him! Behave !! I’ve left it too late to get into it all right now but I will. I do wonder how she’ll be with her grandaughter when she’s here. It’s going to be interesting that’s for sure !!



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