Pregnant or an OAP?

How is it that one day I can go and enjoy birthday celebrations, walk around 12,000 steps and stay around drunken monkeys all day and feel absolutely fine?! Then another day I nearly faint just putting my daughters hair in pig tails.. get so out of breath doing the school run I need a lay day afterwards and acid reflux so bad I can’t move!!

Today hasn’t been an enjoyable day! Starting to miss my man, feel absolutely huge and I even cancelled work this weekend as I know I just could not think of anything worse. To top of this rubbish day, I just missed a step on the stairs on my way to talk to the police after what looked likeĀ Notting Hill carnival in my street at 11pm on a bloody wednesday night. It woke my daughter up and she cried when she saw me fall, bless her. I’m ok, bit of shock and hurt my ankle a little, but what a clutz! If I wasn’t so bloody massive maybe I could walk down the stairs like a normal human being.

Outside just kicked off again. Teenagers that can’t handle their alcohol, this time they were fighting, this time I called 999. Why don’t they all just go home to bed!!

I have ran out of indigestion tablets…. this is a disaster!




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