‘I love a good heatwave’ .. Said no pregnant woman ever! 

OMG !! I cannot cope. Walking from the car to the school is like a military operation and the chafing on my inner thighs is actually a real problem.

I miss my toned long legs .. They have been replaced by thighs that have dimples and knees that look like elephant knees!! I think it reached 33 degrees today, stupidily uncomfortable for someone who is 32 weeks pregnant. I used baby powder to ease the chafing, it helped slightly. My underwear is uncomfortable too! I do feel I need to have some damage control now! 7 weeks left and I cannot get any bigger ! Bump is ok yes .. But legs and arms .. No! It’s uncomfortable and unattractive! I have been a bit reckless recently .. Like 3 cookies today ! WHOOPS! 

I sat in my underwear with the fan on me whilst looking at how gorgeous my man is and thought ‘how the fuck does he still fancy me’ .. He doesn’t go a day without calling me beautiful .. I wish I felt it! As beautiful as a rhino!! 

Tomorrow is healthy eating/limit on junk mission. I have another scan tomorrow too, can’t wait to see how big she is now. 

I’ve not wrote as much this week. I got my uni results last Friday and they were worse than expected .. I knew I still had to do ‘well’ in my final project to receive that commendation I had been working towards. However after the results I worked out I basically have to do ‘super well’ now. Pissed off with myself for letting things get in the way this year , pissed off I had ‘just want to pass’ attitude and pissed off that Dominic doesn’t take any responsibility. Hey ho such is life and he did say he is proud of me no matter what. Like many have also said how most would have probably dropped uni with everything I dealt with too so should be proud.

I had some good news though and my tutor worked out I need to get 69% rather than the 73% I initially thought. I can do that! I need to do that! Or else I will forever let it get to me that I didn’t receive that commendation. 

Well .. Think I may have a snack before tomorrow is here. I will blog my food diary and it won’t include 3 Cadbury flakes in a row .. No.. No it won’t! (That was last Friday) 

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