Current Mood: Meh 

I went to my consultant appointment this morning in high spirits. Dominic being back at work really does reduce some stress for me and he is being lovely at the minute. I was asked about my mood and I said that I was completely fine. I do have a phone consultation tomorrow afternoon for counselling and I need to be as honest as possible. The 3rd year medical student commented that I am clearly in tune with my mood and that is a good thing. Today I’ve felt fed up and miserable …. I’m in tune with my mood yes but I can’t even explain why I felt like this. Hot, fat and bothered I think. 

Baby is doing well, she’s measuring bigger again still but nothing to be concerned about. The scan today said an EDC of 31/08/2016 … My actual date is 11/09/16 and even that was brought forward at original dating scan! I’m hoping it’s a sign she will come early and not hang about in there. She’s head down too which is good but potentially another back to back labour like my eldest. Ouch!

Luckily I haven’t had any of the ‘enjoy it whilst you can‘ or ‘get your sleep in now‘ comments. I’m guessing it’s only first time mums that people try and use those lines with. Sorry guys but I don’t sleep now (too fucking hot, always need a wee or wake with cramp) and what the hell is there to enjoy? I do also have a 7 year old that requires my attention. In fact feeling this swollen, and out of breath I worry I will actually do less with her over these summer holidays. I have no plans for day trips, nothing that involves walking too much that’s for sure and we may stay in ALOT. Today was last day of year 3, can’t believe how we are here already. I am also very thankful for getting lay ins in the morning now and no more school waddles ! 

I made a promise yesterday I would be more careful with what I’m eating. I drank about 4 pints of water today, I need to keep that up. My bread intake was high though and that is something I will definitely stop when baby is here. 

Breakfast – (which was at 4am) 1 slice of toast 

Lunch– Pate on some French stick (yes I know .. PATE! Naughty me) 

Dinner– bbq food with salad & rice with 2 burgers in rolls .. Yes TWO! 

Supper – 3 crackers & cheese with Branston pickle 

Snacks – nectarine, cherries and 2 lemonade ice lollies 

Head hurts now and struggling to keep eyes open. I will wake with a positive mental attitude … I will! 

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