DFS made me happy…

It is crazy the difference 24 hours can make. The day started off badly, a normal pre school run row with the boyfriend over his selfishness and his ability to wind up my 7 year old daughter. I swear I often feel like there are 2 children already under this roof. He fails to see how his moaning and huffing and puffing is acceptable in the mornings just because he will struggle to get back to sleep. It’s not like it’s 6am and he is working afternoons or something. He’s just being lazy and selfish! I do remind him of the times I’ve had no sleep, or the times I would take him to work and be awake a lot earlier than usual and even the most recent time of venturing out to Milton Keynes in the middle of the night!

Anyway luckily I had midwife and health visitor this morning so it gave him some time to reflect after he admitted he has been a bit lazy these past 2 weeks. I really really like my health visitor, my midwife is ok but I’m happy that it will be my health visitor who keeps in touch after the pregnancy. The conversation flowed a lot better and she had a genuine interest in my life. I felt positive coming out of that appointment. She made me feel good. I’m pretty amazing you know what with my studies and my business I am trying to build, well she praised me anyway haha.

I then met my sister and step sister after, it felt good to rant about men. Luckily my sister is feeling much better today, her and my brother in law had a good talk and as expected I knew it was deeper than him just needing a quick tug on his man region every now and again. She still says they are a long way off building anything back up but she is feeling better within herself which is the main thing. She should no way be feeling like she isn’t good enough here.

We then managed to tick one important thing off our list of ‘things to do’, we ordered a new sofa. Obviously we had initial arguments in DFS but luckily Dominic did back down and said he wants to make me happy. GOOD!! Because a corner sofa would just look stupid in our living room… STUPID!! I didn’t plan on us getting a recliner so we did compromise on that and these new power recliners are fabulous and so answers Dominic’s argument that they just end up breaking. They last a lot longer. It is nerve racking making such a big purchase with such a big commitment. Total cost is around £2,000 and we will pay it off over 4 years but I’ve looked for a second hand one and when I was so specific on what we needed (a 3 and a 1) it is so hard to find just that. Everyone sells corner sofas or 3 seaters on their own. Plus, we have the guarantees, we’ve sat on it (I’m totally in love) and it’s something we have both chose together. A decent sofa is important in making my flat as homely as possible since it hasn’t been for so long. Funny how such an adult purchase has made me feel so happy..

Then this evening I also had a conditional offer for the masters I applied for. The disappointment after yesterdays grades totally do not matter now, this was my aim anyway and I only need a pass. Oh and I need to pay off the £880 I owe. I need to pay the half I have really, otherwise I can see that disappearing !! It will be fine.

Pregnancy going ok, apart from this bloody restless leg syndrome thingy a bob. It’s just unbearable!! Maybe paracetamol will help tonight!

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