No breasts … No opinion! 

The topic on breastfeeding can always be a heated one. I remember it previously when I was a member of a forum, it would go out of control. Bottle feeding mums would feel shamed whilst breast feeding mums may have put themselves on a pedestal. It does seem now that society are adapting more so to the ‘a fed baby is a happy baby,’ rather than ‘breast is best’ comments. 

However when your own boyfriend has strong feelings around the subject that can prove difficult ! I’m so tired right now to even go into any coherent explanation but let’s just say he’s assuming breastfeeding is easy and me saying I don’t imagine myself going longer than 6 months is me only caring about me. Grrr! Maybe grow your own breasts with milk and see how you get on mate !! I remember with my daughter how hard it was, she didn’t latch on very well and it does make you concerned. I’m going into this with my mind open. If it doesn’t work out, I won’t feel ashamed and all I ask is my boyfriend supports me with that too. I have a breast pump and some bottles to express. I have no intention to buy formula in ready but all I can do is my best! Maybe me saying that I won’t be doing it after 6 months does make me sound selfish and maybe even a little hypercritical since I don’t know how it’s going to go or feel if I am breastfeeding exclusively. Oh well I can’t change my thoughts , I just hope he doesn’t judge if it doesn’t go to plan as that will be very upsetting !!

I flipped out again too, earlier tho and that again was due to his unnecessary comments regarding the decorating. I need to calm down but he needs to reign in his comments ! Men!! They don’t think before they speak I swear. 
Breakfast – frosted shreddies

Lunch – cheese and ham toastie

Dinner – jacket potato cheese & beans

Snacks – popcorn and sweets & cinema. Strawberries 

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