40+4 and still waiting … 

I was hoping the pessary would have got me going , no such luck. It’s been in 22 hours now, 2 more hours and it’ll be labour ward time for a drip and to have my waters broken!  Well at least when they are free for me!! I’ve had a few tightenings but nothing to get excited about and all I can think about is how bloody hot it is! Literally sweating, how am I meant to give birth in this heat ?? 

My mum is bringing my eldest daughter to come see me, can’t wait to give her a hug. Can’t lie I feel scared about going through labour again, especially knowing once again my baby is back to back and I’m being induced. Last time without an epidural and apparently that makes me a tough cookie! I want to go without again!! 

It’s bloody boring laying here. No energy to do anything else tho. 

I just want my baby in my arms! 

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