The joys of pregnancy .. 

I can’t believe I’m 34 weeks tomorrow .. It has gone so quick when I think about it but certainly not too quick.

Third trimester sickness is here , I was actually sick on myself whilst driving on Thursday. Then again when I had to pull over at the side of the road, at the same time being sick I genuinely wondered if my waters went. Other half confirmed it may just have been urine (gross) and I accepted that I’ve just become incontinent at this late stage of pregnancy. How attractive !! I kept an eye on it yesterday and I had noticed it feeling quite wet. Today I mentioned it to a couple of people and they suggested it is best to get checked out. I had an afternoon sleep and then monitored movements when I woke. She wasn’t as active as she has been so this made me more concerned and so I gave triage a call.

We are so lucky with our national health service, not made to feel unwelcome at all. They encourage women to go when they are concerned about anything! Very reassuring. 

Everything was completely fine, looks like little miss has moved and she is even more back to back now so maybe the reason for lack of movements. Waters haven’t gone but just normal pregnancy discharge was the culprit. Oh these joys!

The boy just cooked a prawn stir fry. It was spicy. Usually I can handle spice more than him but my mouth is on fire! It was nice though, baby is moving crazy now. Typical.

We have a christening tomorrow, I have a maternity dress to wear and I’m actually going to do my hair and make up. A complete rarity these days. I’m actually excited ! Xx

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