What is a Bullet Journal?

When I first was told about this concept I took one look at it and thought WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL. However that was when the link just took me to pages and pages of codes and words that I didn't quite understand! That was until I found Pinterest. Wow! The idea of all those pretty... Continue Reading →

Never good enough

...this is how I feel. This is how I felt pre abuse too. People like me are like gold mines for people like him. Low self esteem, low self worth, easy to get entangled inside our minds. I've had no iPhone all week and now it's gone off for repair. I have a replacement now... Continue Reading →

Seeing things more clearly ..

I’ve had a good day and I’m even feeling ok about being alone tonight. I went into town earlier and I bought a few items. Crazy how just shopping can bring back nasty vile memories of the man I was insanely in love with. Bin bags! Yes bin bags ... I remember buying a cheaper... Continue Reading →

9 days to GOOO!!

It's after midnight so i could technically say 8 even, although I'm pretty sure she won't be coming early. With scan bringing me forward anyway by 4 days and well just my luck really to end up going over and have to be induced. 23rd September is my date for that joyous event, so any... Continue Reading →

35 day countdown! 

Today marks me at 35 weeks pregnant! Eeeek! We are sooo nearly there now. I am SO ready , yet our home really isn't !  The weekend has been a good one but I must admit I feel like I've just done a week in Ibiza! I'm exhausted !!  I was up early Saturday morning... Continue Reading →

The joys of pregnancy .. 

I can't believe I'm 34 weeks tomorrow .. It has gone so quick when I think about it but certainly not too quick. Third trimester sickness is here , I was actually sick on myself whilst driving on Thursday. Then again when I had to pull over at the side of the road, at the... Continue Reading →

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