6 weeks to go !! 

I keep seeing pictures of newborn babies and I think ‘Awww I want one’, crazy to think I only have 6 more weeks and my own one will be due. Maybe she’ll be here, please don’t let me go over little girl!! 

Had a great day at the Christening, it was lovely to do my hair and make up for an occasion. For someone who was so used to getting dressed up every weekend and who now barely even brushes her hair it was definitely a treat. I had a bit of a meltdown before we left and decided the heels were a no go. I’m tall anyway so when I feel this size I rather not stand out too much. We slept in quite late, 10:45am I woke and thought shiiitttt! These school holidays and no work is making me lazy, but hey ho I must enjoy this whilst it lasts. 

I do not understand for the life of me how I can get ready before the man. He’s so bloody slow, ‘you had a shower before me’ he says … Yes maybe but then I had to dry my hair and put on make up. What does he actually need to do?! I watch him painfully putting on his boxers, I swear that takes nearly 2 minutes. I huff a lot, I’m soooo impatient. Yet we still managed to get there without any real blows. Progress. 

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